We are proud that we have created a company that was built on a foundation of inclusivity and diversity of cultures and ideas. A team made up of awesome individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and creating new experiences through technology.

The Team

Amanda Rowley Live CGI Chairwoman and Co-Founder
Marc Rowley Live CGI CEO and Co-Founder
Scott Etess Live CGI Chief Strategy Officer
Wisdom Udo Live CGI Director of Product and Creative
Dollyy Takkhi Live CGI Chief Operations Officer
Christian Denny Live CGI Developer
Eric Rektorski Live CGI Art Director
August Wasilowski Live CGI Principal Developer
Steve Bowler Live CGI Principle Developer

The Advisors

Marvin White

Latoya Peterson

Geoff Mason

Pat Ashe

Peyton Maynard-Koran

Stan Honey

Steve Akers

Steve Superville

Miheer Walavalkar

Michael Newman