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Live CGI drives up the value of your brand in two ways – By letting you create content faster and by keeping your message at the top of your community’s social media feed. Our software product has been used around the world to help brands and leagues reach their community with high-quality content. Live CGI has the tools you need to create the content your community wants.


Success Story

“We’re definitely interested in the technology LiveCGI provides,” notes Arden. “We could potentially create avatars of our [on-air talent], and they could have done the show from their living rooms. I think it’s exciting and interesting, and, as a cutting-edge league, we want to experiment with this technology.” Quote from Matt Arden, head of content and media, NBA 2K League.


Innovative Content Creation

LiveCGI is the ultimate tool that allows brands to be flexible to the quickly changing needs of content creators and their consumers. The Update Room is Live CGI’s “AT HOME” virtual studio. This product requires minimal technical ability to run on a simple gaming laptop. It is a unique way for players, teams, and advertisers to connect and keep brand continuity with no need to travel to a specific location to film. We help brands adapt with the times and sustains continuity, allowing them to thrive through any circumstance.

Transformative learning tool

The LiveCGI toolkit gives educators an innovative way to teach the ins and outs of video game/Esports related media, broadcasting and prototyping. Our motion ability to broadcast live on almost any type of device allows students unprecedented access to STEM education. LiveCGI combines different mediums to engage with scholars across a variety of fields beyond gaming such as medicine, military and entertainment. Facilitators can teach theory and application in a new way that keeps students engaged.


Game and Application prototyping

LiveCGI’s toolkit unlocks your creative potential. Being rigid in methods of branding and content creation in an increasingly tech oriented society is not sustainable. In a world where everything changes in just a few clicks, the ability to evolve with constant change means that experimentation and prototyping are becoming ever more necessary for companies to remain fresh and innovative. Our toolkit is a cost-effective approach to creating relevant and abundant content that can be refined fit the needs of your brand and audience.

Live CGI Sugar Gamers

Adidas All-Star Weekend

On February 15, 240 students repping eight schools across Chicago will come together for World’s Best Career Day – a unique adidas experience showcasing the many ways students can realize their dreams. In Collaboration with Sugar Gamers, LiveCGI demonstrated thier technology to these students to their delight and amazement, with special guest Ninja to kick this off.

adidas all-star weekend

NBA 2K League Deploys Multi-Site Production, Virtual Studio for APAC Invitational

We provide the tools to help you strengthen the connections with your audience through energy, empathy, and excitement. Live CGI is the Solution, as we provide a full production software platform for creating live computer-generated content.You can use Live CGI to increase your content output. 

Live Virtual Newsroom

Supporting multiple custom avatars for live interviews, news reads, interactives and highlights, the ultra-portable Live CGI newsroom comes with modular virtual monitors, feeding live sources into the experience. Produce your live show for VR, AR, Mobile or Broadcast, and with chromakey output you can even integrate with legacy operations.


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Emmy Submission For The Fan Sports Network Eleven Sports
Emmy Submission
Live CGI kit Trailer
Live CGI Kit
Live CGI Studio
Live CGI Studio
All-Star weekend Adidas Studio
Adidas All-Star Weekend

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Live CGI is a technology company comprised of awesome individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and creating new experiences through technology.


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