Virtual Production

Reinventing content delivery to increase user interactivity and revenue

Our product innovation and patented technology offers two products

Virtual Studio

Fully customizable, sponsor ready, virtual production studios that run like a video game, can take in live feeds and be used for a wide array of content creation


A one of a kind video player that enables in-content user interactivity and revenue enhancing commercial transactions based on user preferences

Our Mission at Live CGI is to Enable Content to Drive Commerce
Our Vision is to Personalize Mass Media to Individuals

Live CGI Studio

Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio

• Our virtual studios enable the ability to content create remotely which reduces the overall costs associated with the creation and distribution of content

• Thus, immediately lowering capital expense by using 80% fewer people when compared to physical studios

• Our studios unlock limitless branding and sponsorship opportunities and are fully customizable

• Content creation through the studio allows for intelligent data notes to be added allowing for targeted messages down to a user’s preference

Live CGI Quinstream™



• Replaces by reinventing the traditional media player

• Uses AI to constantly customize data visualization allowing for custom content and graphics

• Integrates metadata with content allowing for deep links with in-content clickable triggers

• One production delivers to all outlets simultaneously be it Xbox, PlayStation, TV, AR, VR, PC or Mobile

epic games mega grant video

We are very honored to have earned an
EPIC MegaGrant for virtual production.

Thank you, EPIC for supporting our mission to Enable content to drive commerce


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