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The Ultimate Content Creation Tool

The power of a full production suite at your fingertips

Your imagination on any device, anywhere, anytime

Custom, 3D, sponsor ready virtual studios for News, Marketing, Sports, Gaming and Education

Virtual Studio

  • We customize your true-to-life 3D studio space to take your content creation to the next level.
  • Using built in monitors you can choose between multiple video streams to display.
  • The touch of a key is all it takes for cinema quality camera movements that engage viewers.
  • The LiveCGI green-screen desk and motion capture capability creates a truly immersive experience, making it possible to replace physical studios entirely.

Virtual Environments

  • LiveCGI’s Virtual Environments can take you out of the studio and put you anywhere – the classroom, the golf course, or even Mars.
  • Using our motion-capture suits, we can drop you in as a digital avatar creating a uniquely immersive experience.
  • Your current environment will never be more epic and exciting than the one our virtual environments provide.

Quinstream TM Player

  • Replaces traditional media player.
  • Integrates metadata with content.
  • Uses AI to constantly customize data visualization.
  • Custom content and graphics.
  • Deep-links with clickable triggers.
  • One production delivers to all outlets simultaneously (Xbox, PlayStation, TV, AR, VR, PC, Mobile).

Key Benefits

Branding and Sponsorship

We’ve added 3D dimensions to a flat environment creating additional sellable space to advertisers and sponsors.

Targeted Messaging

Our patented software has reinvented the targeting of messages down to the IP address of the user. Give them the right message in the right context at the right time.

Cost Effective

By only using CGI to create our studios we eliminate costly overheads and studio builds, have a quick time to market, and can operate from anywhere, and it’s easy to use.

Zero Latency

We eliminate time to publish, encode and deliver. There is no delay between production and seeing it online.

Uses of Live CGI Technology

News – Rapid live updates and immersive highlights

Marketing – Customize messages for social streaming

Sports – Live analysis of athletes, statistics and events

Esports – Live highlight show and live streaming room

• Educational – Beam the teacher to your location, live


The Team

We are proud that we have created a company that was built on a foundation of inclusivity and diversity of cultures and ideas.
A team made up of awesome individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and creating new experiences through technology.

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