We offer a virtual production platform to capture live content and convert it into live computer generated images (CGI) for distribution to all connected devices.

The Products

Live Virtual Newsroom

Supporting multiple custom avatars for live interviews, news reads, interactives and highlights, the ultra-portable Live CGI newsroom comes with modular virtual monitors, feeding live sources into the experience. Produce your live show for VR, AR, Mobile or Broadcast, and with chromakey output you can even integrate with legacy operations.

Custom Solutions for Live Augmented Reality

Go beyond publishing a static AR Scene. Collect real-time data to measure engagement so that your event can react and interact on TV, Desktop, Mobile, AR and VR. Augment your stream with real-time visual effects, and stimulate second-by-second activities like betting.


Newsroom Esports

Inside the Newsroom

Live Esports Studio

Two live avatars on the set

Fast start to streaming

Uses of Live CGI Technology

News – Rapid live updates and immersive highlights
Marketing – Customize your message for social streaming
Sports – Live analysis of athletes, statistics and events
Esports – Live highlight show and live streaming room
Educational – Beam the teacher to your location, live

Unlock New Marketing
and Revenue Streams

  • Access over one billion augmented reality devices already in consumers hands
  • Enhance your content with live interactions
  • Add real-time engagement from betting to insider access

Capture Live

LiveCGI uses cameras and sensors to track real activity (similar to existing event procedures).

Control Live

The Production Toolkit fits how producers and directors call the event from the control room.

Stream Live

LiveCGI renders and streams fast enough to fit into your holistic broadcast strategy.

Experience Live

LiveCGI reaches the billions of popular smart phones and tablets.


The Problem
We Solve

The Future of
Extended Reality

The Future of
Live Sports

Live is Special - Live Creates a Sense of Wonder

Live CGI is a technology company comprised of awesome individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and creating new experiences through technology.

The Team


Amanda Rowley


Assistant controller, Senior Director at Save the Children.
Six sigma green belt with over 18 years of experience in financial processes and controls.


Marc Rowley

CEO / Co-Founder
Patented Inventor

5-time Emmy winner.
Co-Invented the Pylon Cam.
Invented ESPN rundown and mobile reporter system.
Virtual and augmented reality expert.

Scott Etess

Scott Etess

Chief Strategy Officer


August Wasilowski

Chief Technology Officer

20+ years applications programming.
AR/VR Dev since 2013.
Founder of CHIVR.org


Keisha Howard

Head of Marketing
Lead Nano Influencer

CEO and Founder of Sugar Gamers.
TEDX speaker focused on building gamer relationships and marketing brands.


Dave Casamona

Lead Programmer
(Capture Technology)

Co-Founder of IOVideo Solutions.
17 years with ESPN technology.
Co-invented Pylon Camera.
Award winning technologist focused on performance measurement.


Chris Pond

Lead Programmer
(Streaming Technology)

Co-Founder of IOVideo Solutions.
12 years with ESPN technology.
Co-Invented Pylon Camera.
Award winning technologist focused on software solution.


Kwame Antwi

Digital Artist, Animator and Designer

5 years with ESPN CreativeServices.
3 years as Lead Artist for Left Brain Games.
Adjunct College Professor
Virtual reality and realtime asset developer

The Advisors

Marvin White
Award Winning Inventor,

Latoya Peterson
Digital Media Futurist

Geoff Mason
Sports Broadcasting HOF,
Multiple Emmy Awards

Stan Honey
Hall of Fame Inventor,
Sailor, Technologist

Steve Superville
Interactive Creative
Gaming Pioneer

Miheer Walavalkar
Co-Founder and
Co-CEO LiveLike

Pat Ashe
Finance and
Marketing Executive

Peyton Maynard-Koran
Esports and
Network Visionary

Michael Newman
Deal-making Executive